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Kirby, that cute mushy star of other Game Boy, NES, and Super NES games, has arrived on the N64 in this nearly 3-D game. For those of you who don't know Kirby, think of him as an adorable action hero with an eating disorder--in battle, he often swallows his enemies whole and then spits out everything except their powers. Absorbing the attack style of a rock enemy, for example, allows Kirby to later apply a rock shield in his defense.

In this episode of the growing series, Kirby has to save the colorfully cute world of Ripple Star from the encroaching force of Dark Matter by locating and collecting six different shards of a broken crystal. Though the game is primarily a one-player side-scrolling adventure, there are four minigames (one is a hopping race, and another will have you catching falling fruit from a tree) that accommodate up to four players. That cute little squishy guy is back in all his pastel glory to sweeten up 2-D life on the Nintendo 64. With 3-D games such as Perfect Dark and Donkey Kong 64 getting the bulk of attention among consumers, Kirby 64 provides a fun change of pace for both young and experienced gamers who don't necessarily need all three dimensions to have fun.

Young gamers will love the bright, colorful graphics in this game, which is 2-D with some 3-D foreground and background elements. Kirby is joined by plenty of friends who will aid in his quest to recover the pieces of an important shattered crystal.

While the levels are a bit too easy for older gamers, the gameplay in Kirby 64 is original enough to entertain all ages. Kirby still has an appetite for enemies, sucking them up and spitting them out, but he can also swallow them, inheriting abilities such as fire and cutter. Also, Kirby can now combine enemy powers, often with hilarious results. For instance, electricity plus stone turns Kirby into an electrifying little light bulb. Sure, you don't need to use all these powers, but they're still fun to play with. --Robb Guido


  • Whimsical 2-D graphics
  • Kirby 64's copy and combine abilities result in some unique and varied gameplay
  • May be too easy and too cute for older players

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