• The Prophets, Their Lives And Their Stories (Forgotten Books)

The Prophets, Their Lives And Their Stories (Forgotten Books)

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Book Description:

"Prophets of Islam are male human beings who are regarded by Muslims to be prophets chosen by God. The term for prophet in Islam is nabi (pl. anbiyaa). All prophets preached the same message; to believe that there is only one God, not to commit idolatry, and to follow the word of God, not to commit sin, etc, and that they all came to preach Islam and to tell of the coming of the final prophet and messenger of God; Muhammad. They were, however, just different in Sharia (or the practice of religion) that they taught to their nations.

Islamic tradition dictates that prophets were sent by God to every nation. In Islam, only Muhammad was sent to convey God's message to the whole world, whereas other prophets were sent to convey their messages to a specific group of people or nation.

Unlike Judaism and Christianity, Islam distinguishes between a direct messenger of God (rasul) and a prophet (nabi). Both are divinely inspired recipients of God's revelation. However, in addition, rasuls are given a divine message or revelation for a community in book form. While every rasul is a nabi, not every nabi is a rasul." (Quote from wikipedia.org)

Table of Contents:

Publisher's Preface; Translator's Word; Introduction Of The Book; Introduction Of 2nd Edition; Adam; About Some Conditions Of The Father Of Human Beings "adam" (puh) And The Beginning Of This Creation; Subjects From Different Sources With Agreement In Contents; Angels Prostration For Adam Puh; Useful Caution; The Inhabitation Of Adam In Paradise; How Was It Correct To Prostrate Before Adam By Angels And He's Just A Creation; Some Tales Related To Our Research; The Reason For Getting Adam Down From Paradise To Earth; What Is The Tree That Was Prohibited For Adam Puh; The Place Of Falling Of Adam And Eve When They Got Down From Paradise; Crying Of Adam Puh For Paradise; Having A Tent For Them In The Place Of The Holy House; Of What Was The Dog Created; The Marriage Of Adam And Eve; The Marriage Of The Children Of Adam (puh); Summary Of The Story Of Adam Puh; Enoch; Conditions Of Edrees (enoch) The Prophet Puh; Some Of What Was Mentioned In The Books Of Enoch Puh; Noah; Sheikh Of Messengers, Nooh (noah) Puh; The Ark Of Noah And Its Creation; The Coming Down Of Noah And His Fellows From The Ark; A Completion With The Help Of The Holy Quran For The Case Of Noah; Hud; Hud (puh); The Land Of A'ad And Their Crafts; Anti-critiscism Or Imagination; And Here Is An Amazing Story; And Some Historians Said; SÂlih; The Prophet SÂlih (puh); Properities Of The She-camel; The Land Of SÂlih's (puh) People; Abraham; Abraham The God's Friend (puh); The Infallibility Of God's viceroys; The Birth Of Abraham (puh); Breaking The Idols And Throwing Abraham In The Fire; Getting Out From Iraq To The Land Of Shem; The Books Of Abraham (puh) And Some Of What Was Revealed By God To Him; Taking Ishmael (puh) And His Mother Hagar To The Holy House; Building The Holy House; Some Sentences About Sarah The Wife Of Abraham As Told By Historians; Chapters And Phrases That Mentioned Abraham (puh); The Trial Of Abraham (puh) To Slay His Son Ishmael (puh); A Completion With The Ancestry Of The Prophet (puh); Isaac; Isaac Ben Abraham (put); Lot; The Prophet Lot (puh); Some Funny Stories; Some Benefits That Should Not Be Left; Presenting His Daughters To The People Of His village And His Wife Conditions; The Wife Of Lot (puh); Sermons To Be Taken From The Story Of Abraham And Others Mentioned With Him; Jacob And Joseph; Jacob And Joseph (put); About Calling Jacob As Israel; The Punishment Of God For His viceroys; Joseph The Righteous (puh); Gifts Are In Troubles; Getting Joseph Into The Jail; Getting Out From The Jail To The King Of Egypt; The Beginning Of Easiness For The Household Of Jacob (puh); Another Tale; Lot Of Sermons In The Josephite virtues; Ðu

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